X²O Festival

After a year's absence, the free and independent festival is back.

More than ever young talents are honoured on the big stage with more famous artists.

21/22 December

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Kori Thill ■ Chana Smithwick ■ Cira Sherard ■ Elfriede Ogan ■ Mariko Yonker ■ Bella Maday ■ Shaneka Wilkerson ■ Raina Planck ■ Micaela Labonte ■ Chadwick Cottman ■ Emile Hornung ■ Genevie Mehaffey ■ Dottie Hinkson ■ Mariah Nurse ■ Velda Caster ■ Rossie Cranfield ■ Iva Madrid ■ Flossie Freitas ■ Tina Gregerson ■ Quiana Tassin

Wilson Holt

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Theia Hayward

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Bruce Porter

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Old Town Road

Everyone knows The States is the home of country music, and they have the festivals to prove it. Grab your cowboy hat and boots because we've put together the best country bands in the USA.


Smack My Band Up

Dj's and electro artists meet every year for the electro dance festival in the largest concert venue in Europe. Book your tickets now, there won't be room for everybody.

Sodade Club

Sodade is a beautiful concept that is difficult to put into words, but can be experienced by enjoying the diverse range of music on offer.

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Music is magic

Open 24/7, the club welcomes you and your friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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